(The best online English/Spanish dictionary) ANY verb in ALL forms and tenses) (Sign in and practice conjugatons, then record/send your results to me to be graded)

Spanish speaking geography(Practice geography of Spanish speaking countries)

Spanish Speaking Countries Geography (Quizlet)

Greetings (Saludos) Vocab practice

Greetings Practice (INTRO TO SPANISH 7TH GRADE)

Los Colores

Los Colores (Quizlet)

Los Animales

El Alfabeto: (Vocab Practice)

Los NĂºmeros(0-100) (Vocab Practice)

Numbers (0-30)

El Calendario (Vocab Practice)

Las Actividades: (Vocab Practice)


Family Practice Game

Spanish Speaking Flags

Stem Changing Verbs Present Tense

BYU International Cinema (Tired of watching American movies dubbed in Spanish for Mastery Points? Now watch Hispanic actors on the big screen with authentic Hispanic movies! It's free, edited and has English subtitles)

Write a Letter to Santa or one of the 3 reyes magos in Spanish!

Characteristics Vocab (Describing People) (Vocab Practice)

La Casa Vocab

Las clases vocab

La Ciudad


La Comida:

Conditions with ESTAR

National Spanish Exam Spanish Level 1

National Spanish Exam Spanish Level 2

Subject Pronouns Specific Vocab (Quizlet Practice)

Subject Pronouns General Vocab (Quizlet)

Reflexives Vocab Practice

Quizlet Preterite

LIA 2013 Conference Registration

Zinch Scholarship sign up

Personality Test

Personality Test 2